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ANR8386W Slot 0 of library PHL3592 is inaccessible | ADSM

Ejecting a tape cartridge from a tape library Ejecting a cartridge from a tape library breaks the connection between the cartridge and the library in which it resided. Cartridges may need to be moved to a different location and must therefore be ejected from the library in which they currently reside so they may be put into a library at the new location. Warning error events - ibm.com The library was unable to complete the auto clean function for one or more drives in this logical library. Install a valid and labeled cleaning cartridge into the logical library and then complete a load and unload on the drive that needs cleaning to start the auto cleaning.

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Regular TSM commands I use to manipulate tapepool volumes in and out of library when slots are full and TSM asks for a volume during reclamation. move media * stg=tapepool days=number of days This command will checkout tapes that have been inactive for the number of days entered. It will continue to checkout tapes until… I/O stations - IBM The I/O stations let you insert or remove cartridges while the TS3500 tape library is performing other operations.. The TS3500 tape library comes with one 16-cartridge I/O station. To add greater capacity, you can order additional 64 or 16-cartridge LTO I/O or 3592 I/O stations to be installed by your IBM Service Representative.

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Troubleshooting failed recalls - IBM A tape that is selected for recall is removed from the library. ... Update /opt/tivoli/ tsm/client/ba/bin/dsm.sys on each node to change the ... its home slot in the library by using the ltfsee tape move homeslot command. ... Unref(GiB) Pool Library Address Drive JCA855JC Inaccessible TS1140(J4) 3399 3365 0 pool1 lib001 1050 - ...

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