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Everyone wants to be the best poker player they can be, but not everyone knows how to actually work on their game.But today we’re getting down to business and talking about practical things you can do right now, for free, to make yourself a stronger, more profitable player. Online Poker Strategies: How to Get Better at Texas… When you get a pair, try to gauge how to play them. If you get a high value pair then act aggressive when betting. On the opposite side, if you get a pair with values of six or less then beHere are a few online poker strategies we gathered so you can become better at playing Texas Hold’em poker. Reddit « Poker Practice Blog Poker Practice Blog. Posts Tagged ‘Reddit’. Zynga Poker may be Rigged. Monday, February 6thOne of the most-discussed topics among online poker players right now is how much Zynga wouldI worked at Zynga for 8 months, I can tell you all about the Good Stuff (yes, there is good stuff going...

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The rise of the robots in poker may be on its way in many spheres – AI and ‘robopros’ probably destined to solve and ruin the game in our lifetime – but there will always be enough room for emotions and human behaviour to shine, or as we … weaktight | Weaktight Blog | Best Poker Traps user ‘youmeanddougie’ posted a very nice example of how to set up and eventually bust a player who is so full of shit it’s almost beyond belief. We all know these players, be it in the local casino small stakes tables, a friend … Poker 101: How to Bluff ,Texas Holdem Poker find news , tips

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It is important to try get best at a poker game that you like better than others, and is profitable enough to make it worth your time.There is only one way to become an excellent poker player and that is by using poker-tools. Knowing how to count the cards is good but why not let a machine do all the tricks...

Are there any free Poker HUD's someone can recommend? It doesn't have to be a very good one, just one that shows me the basics on players like PFR/VPIP/AF, and works with Merge. #4 online - How good are the best poker bots? - Poker Stack ... The big winners are the poker sites. Poker stars because of their policy actually have the best bots and botters on their site. The guys botting on there know how to stealth and program better than the commercial bots. therefore on poker stars where you think you are safe from bots, you are actually playing against the smartest ones... 7 Poker Tournament Tips for Running Deep More Often Poker Tournament Tip 1: Steal a Lot, But Don’t Go Overboard. “Open small and often.”. This phrase drove the pre-flop strategy of almost every tournament regular for years, and it still has some merit. With antes in play, a 2.25BB open has to pick up the pot less than half of the time to show an immediate profit.