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Poker Knowledge UK: Here are important steps, which can help you play like a professional poker player. An important step to becoming a professional poker player is knowing which hands to … What does it take to become a poker pro? More than you There is a lot to consider before making the step to become a poker pro. First and foremost, if you really want to try to make a living at playing poker, you have to love the game. It has to be something you are passionate about, so much so that you're reasonably sure you'll still love poker for many years to come. How to Become a Professional Poker Player: 15 Steps

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Jul 23, 2011 ... In fact, many poker pros -- especially the online players -- are outright stats junkies, ... That's pretty much what being a poker pro feels like. How To Be An Online Poker Pro: 6 Tips | PokerNews How to be an online poker pro? ... How to become a professional online poker player in one easy step would be to quit your job and use poker as your sole source of income. While this instantly ...

I’ve tried to offer up a fair and balanced view of becoming a professional poker player. There are many other elements which I haven’t delved into that are beyond the scope of this article such as – do you play just cash games or tournaments as well, paying taxes, age related considerations, funding benefits that an employer might offer and more.

We picture a set of grizzly as well as rugged cowboys inside a Wild West bar or tavern. Among the cowboys could be adjusting his weapon preparing to draw it up anytime till before the various other had a possibility to collect his earnings.

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Probably the most common question I get asked -- other than "Is Moneymaker your real name?" -- is "What does it take to become a poker pro?" In some ways it's an easy question to answer. What does it take to be classified as a poker pro? Quit your job. Then you're a pro! But in all honesty, the decision to become a pro is much more complicated ... Becoming A Poker Pro | Red Chip Poker But being a poker pro is more than just a cool title. There are lots of things to consider before you pull the trigger and quit your day job. If you’ve been flirting with the idea of going pro, give this guide a read and make sure to answer all of the questions.