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Black Drum are a blast to catch on light tackle and fight similar to redfish with more direction changes. These along with redfish make for some incredible action in the winter months. They also make great table fare and there is a limit of 10 per person, so we can fill up a cooler with some great eating fish.

Black Drum; Black Drum. Florida Regulations Gulf and Atlantic State Waters. Slot Limit: 14-24" with one fish over 24" Daily Bag Limit: 5 per harvester per day (can include one over 24") Season: Open year-round. Gear Requirements: Legal Gear: hook and line, cast net, seine, spear or gig; Drum Fishing: baits and rigs and other info Resources Drum Fishing: baits and rigs, and other info [Grey/Speckled ... Red Drum and Black Drum. Red Drum is the more popular and common fish. ... Red Drum live in coastal and estuary waters of North Carolina. They need this type of water to breed but it is also greatly rich is food for the drum. Drum largely live by feeding on the bottom for crabs ... Black Drum - Texas Weekend Angler Appearance: Black Drum are very similar in shape to Red Drum (Redfish), but are deeper bodied and have a flatter tail.Drum also are easily identified by the barbels below their chin. They are typically silvery-grey, with a darker back, but larger drum may be coppery in color.

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Jolly Roger Inn & Pier Oceanfront Motel Hotel Fishing Pier Good black drum and some spots and mullet last night. ENE wind at about 10 mph today, and the forecast is for it to remain there all week. species - Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Red drum are one of the most recreationally sought-after fish throughout the South Atlantic, with the majority of Southern states reserving red drum harvest strictly for recreational anglers.

NC Saltwater Fishing Citation Requirements. Each year the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries sponsors an open tournament for recreational anglers. Fishermen who land or release certain saltwater species of a minimum size in NC's coastal waters are eligible for a citation certificate that commends their catch as extraordinary.

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Three fish per day, 20 to 28 inch slot limit. Red drum special regulation: During a license year, one red drum over the stated maximum length limit may be retained when affixed with a properly completed Red Drum Tag and one red drum over the stated maximum length limit may be retained when affixed with a properly completed Bonus Red Drum Tag. North Carolina Coastal Recreational Angler’s Guide - Oriental The marine resources of North Carolina belong to all citizens of the state and it is our collective responsibility to protect and enhance them. Whether you finesse a grub over an oyster bar for a spotted seatrout in our coastal marshes or pull a horse ballyhoo along the Cape Shoals in search of bluefin tuna, North Carolina is a great place to live Red Drum | Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Red Drum Management. Management of red drum in Florida is considered a success story. In the late 1980s red drum was overfished, thus several emergency closures were established to reduce fishing pressure. In 1989, the slot limit of 18-27 inches, the bag limit of one fish per person and a closed season from March-May were put in place. NC Saltwater Fishing Records at